How to Wear A Drop Veil

This year, we’ve seen a shift from lace trim veils to luxurious drop veils. They create an illusion that the veil is floating on top of the brides head as she walks down the aisle. The beauty of drop veils that there is no gather at the crown, but securing the veil can be difficult. Watch the video above to learn how to secure one of our drop veils or review the steps below.

– Each veil is gifted with a 3 inch hand wrapped tulle or ribbon comb with one or two hat pins, depending on the length.

– You don’t have to use the comb and just use the hat pins to secure placement.

– Have a loved one place the comb right below the crown or right above the bride’s low bun (as seen as above).

– Gently rest the veil on the crown of the bride and remove thread, the blusher towards the front.

– Weave the hat pins through the comb and tulle to avoid any fullness. 

– When you lift back the front blusher section of your veil will lie flat. 






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