Graceful Claire In Her Custom Two-Tier Fingertip Cristina Veil



Former college basketball athlete, Claire from North Carolina, came to us searching for a two-tier fingertip veil long enough to reach her fingertips. Read about her inspiration, struggle to find a longer veil and how her custom veil completed her look below. She knew what she wanted and it was a pleasure to work with her!  

What was the inspiration behind your longer fingertip two-tier veil?

The bodice of my dress was so detailed that I really wanted something simple and classic for the veil.

Were you having any difficulty trying to find the veil length in shops? All of the veils in the store were made for women of average height, being 6′ the traditional ‘fingertip’ veil was more of an ‘elbow’ veil for me. I really wanted the length to be to at my fingertip, I loved that look!

Do you feel this veil helped complete your wedding vision? I regret not wearing it more of the pictures, it really was stunning and I still have it hanging in my closet so I can see it daily! It truly completed the perfect style for me!

You guys were great to work with and I really appreciate the quality of your work!





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